Saratoga, California


The Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, California is one of the most beautiful locations to shoot in the Bay Area. The grounds are pretty large and include gardens, beautiful architecture, hiking trails and a perfectly manicured lawn. I’ve visited it a few times since I grew up nearby and I was excited to finally get to do a session here. This family are close friends of Josh and I from our Japan days and I was so grateful they drove out from central California to do this shoot with me! I’ve taken lots of pictures of them over the years and I was excited to add another one to the mix. 

Villa Montalvo does require a permit fee to shoot here but it is totally worth it. If you have kids it’s a great, quiet place to shoot with lots of areas for the kids to explore as we shoot. Obviously it’s great for couples and weddings as well!

I’m excited to share that this shoot was featured on The Kindred Path and you can see that feature here.


Wow. Great Family photo shoot in a wonderful location

Such a beautiful family!

Beautiful!!!! The location alone excudes closeness to nature! I love it.

Wow! What a beautiful family. Love your photos. Nice choice for the venue as well.

Thena Franssen

Adorable pictures. Reminds me to get our family pictures planned for the year. I love bright and light pictures

This is just so lovely. You have created terrific images around memories that will last a lifetime.

Perfect photos of the beautiful family! I really like the location of the shoot. It Looks so pretty there.

Wow, these are all stunning photos. and yeah, the place is so beautiful. I would take so many photos in this place

Truly a beautful setting. And the photos are fabulous, looks like a lovely family.

Alita Pacio

Such beautiful photos here. I wish I live close to california

So beautiful, I loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

What gorgeous photos. I love how wholesome everything looks, what an adorable family!

What a stunning photo shoot. I love the location! The family is beautiful!

These photos are amazing! I can see why this place is such a wonderful place to do a photoshoot. These photos will serve as wonderful memories for this family for years and years to come.

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