Aaawwww….so pretty! The natural lighting just made everything so much better!

what beautiful pictures. You definitely captured the feeling of love so well!

Beautiful choice for a location shoot. The baby is so cute! Beautiful photos to celebrate the baby’s 100th day.

These pictures are just gorgeous. What a sweet family!

nice photos! And yes, California does offer many great backdrops for amazing photo shoots.

These photos are all so lovely. What a photogenic baby! Such wonderful family photos that can be cherished for many years.

Beautiful shots and the location is amazing. I love how you were able to capture the happiness of this family.

What a beautiful family! You did such a great time capturing them.

These family photos are just wonderful. I absolutely feel that they pull you into a story of love.

I really love the feel of these shots. Mom and dad are just beaming, and the baby is adorable.

Such a fun photoshoot! I love the colors, it looks so serene and fresh!

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