Deployment is the worst part of being a military spouse – here are the 10 stages of deployment designed to make you laugh because sometimes that’s all we can do.

1. When you first find out the deployment date

2. Going home after you’ve dropped him off and said goodbye

3. The first week

4. When you turn to online shopping and it gets out of control fast

5. Your friends and family ask how you’re doing and you say “fine” but inside its like

6. But slowly you start to get used to all the alone time

7. You finally start getting into the groove and feeling confident but then the deployment curse hits and the car breaks or the kids start projectile vomiting

8. You get used to taking care of everything on your own

9. Pulling yourself towards the finish line when the end is finally in sight

10. And just like that, it’s over and he’s back again

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