The Sutro Baths are a really popular spot for sessions here in San Francisco. I’ve done family, newborn and engagement sessions here and I wanted to share one of my engagement sessions from this year. I love shooting here because there is a wide variety of areas to shoot so you can go down to the beach if the tide is low, stay near the ruins or head up top to the lookout or the cypress trees. I always recommend it to couples who want a variety of backdrops but don’t want to drive to multiple locations. This spot is beautiful in the morning and evening and still looks nice even on foggy days.

Here’s a Sutro Baths engagement session of one of my beautiful couples from this year…


WOW! Your pictures are just so beautiful.

Thank you!!


the PHotos are amazing! i would love to go here sometime and take photos with my husband.

This is such a hugely popular place for photographs. We have actually taken several family portraits there.

It is very popular! For good reason 🙂

I have no words to describe the emotion that these beautiful and magical photos convey to me …

The pictures are mesmerizing to look at, really really beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much!!

I love your photos. very candid. I wish i can take pictures like these

Aw thank you Alita!

Amazing photos. The fog adds such A romantic mood.

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