Today I wanted to share an outdoor newborn session that I did last month at the Sutro Baths in San Francisco. Most people think of an in home shoot when they think of newborn photos but an outdoor session can be so beautiful especially when you live in a place with views like this. I personally love doing outdoor newborn sessions and they are a great alternative to an in home session if you either don’t want your home photographed or you just love a certain location and want pictures in that spot.

We waited until Max was about a month old to take these pictures and we got lucky with a really warm and comfortable day in San Francisco. If you’ve followed my work you know I love shooting at this spot (here’s an engagement session I did here as well). It’s always beautiful and can work for any type of shoot. As always, these images are 100% film and it’s now been officially a year since I started shooting with film for clients! I finally feel like I have a really good handle on it and have been loving the images that my film set up has helped me create.

If you’re interested in a newborn session please send me an email. I offer regular shoots as well as First Year Collections so you can document the whole first year with your new baby. At the end of it you’ll have so many wonderful images to look back on, frame and put into an album to enjoy for years to come.

Here’s baby Max at the beautiful Sutro Baths in San Francisco…


Absolutely lovely photos.


What a gorgeous location for a newborn shoot. These are images to be treasured for a lifetime for sure.

Thank you so much! And I agree, it’s a great location!

i love the pictures you posted. So beautiful!

This baby is an angel! I love the view. It’s so serene! Love the photos too!

These are so beautiful. I love how you capture the intimacy between new parents.

Your photos are simply amazing! I wish I lived closer as I would love to hire you because you really capture the essence of the moment.

Thank you so much!! 🙂

Lovely photos. The outdoor setting is so different from the typical newborn photo sessions that we see.


Gorgeous photos! You have captured this couple’s pure joy in having their child.

Thank you so much, I appreciate that!


Mind blowing shots with lifetime memories, so BEAUTIFUL.

These are such beautiful, tender shots. You really did capture the essence of their family bond. So beautiful.

Oh wow. i cannot get over how gorgeous these shots are. They give me all the first time mommy feels.

Thank you so much!! 🙂

Really great photos! I’m digging the family’s outfit and the coloring. And what an adorable baby!

Thank you! I know, they are such a beautiful family!

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