Motherhood Film Session

A few months ago I did this Motherhood shoot for a friend, this was my first all film session and it was a huge milestone in my business and my move towards shooting 100% film. I thought now might be a good time to share more about these Motherhood sessions and why I love them so much. I started doing them somewhat of out of necessity because I needed to practice shooting and most of the time in Japan a lot of the men are deployed. That brought about these sessions in two ways. The first being that family pictures just looked different without the guys around. At first it felt frustrating that I couldn’t practice family sessions for a lot of the year. But then I became acquainted with so many amazing mothers out here who raise their kids essentially as a single parent for most of the year and I wanted to celebrate the strength of those women. Taking pictures even though dad isn’t home is a representation of what life is really like. It’s a lot to take on and Motherhood sessions came out of the desire to honor that. They’ve come to be one of my favorite things to shoot and I know I will never tire of photographing these bonds. Each one is unique, special and beautiful.

This family is amazing and I’m so lucky to have been able to cross paths with them during my time in Japan. We’ve gotten to shoot together a handful of times but this one was my favorite. Here are the Glass Family shot on film at the Nishiki River in Japan. Moms makeup was done by Catrina Tengan.

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