Lovers’ Lane in San Francisco is a great spot for a session. I’ve done engagement, family and maternity sessions here but I wanted to share an engagement session that I did recently.

Lovers’ Lane is located in the Presidio in a beautiful light filled eucalyptus grove which is the perfect backdrop for romantic and soft images. The light in here is so soft and beautiful and translates really well to film. If you’re considering a family or couples session, this is a great place to choose.

The line of trees running down the center is actually a work of art called Wood Line by the artist Andy Goldsworthy. The history of the Presidio is fascinating, but long story short, in the late 1800s, the Army began a huge forestation project and planted tons of trees including eucalyptus and rows of cypress. In this spot, the cypress trees died out leaving a gap and Wood Line fills that gap. It’s made up of eucalyptus branches which were sourced from different areas and is more than 1,200 feet long. One day it will fade back into the ground which is why it’s so amazing that we can have this piece of art as a backdrop in photos today. If you’re interested in seeing more of his work, Andy Goldsworthy has 3 other works of art in the Presidio – Spire, Tree Fall and Earth Wall.

After Lovers’ Lane we drove over to Baker Beach for the second part of this session. Baker Beach is another popular spot for sessions and there was a beautiful sunset on this evening. I hope you enjoy these photos!


Wow! I love this Lovers’ Lane in San Francisco! It looks so nice. I can’t wait to go here and have photos too!

I will be visiting SFO soon. I will put this on our list of places to visit

This is so BEAUTIFUL…I love scenic places for family outings.

What a beautiful location. I’d love to have a family photoshoot here, too. As usual, your photos are stunning.

What a dreamy location. Looks perfect for a family photo.

What gorgeous photos! That looks like the perfect spot for a family photo shoot – so beautiful.

I love the last few shots, especially the baby pics. The pics of the husband and wife are very romantic.
Those were perfect shots with the lush greenery in th background.

Ashley t

These photos are absoLutely beautiful. Love the gorgeous nature backdrop.


Lovers’ Lane look amazing for photo shoots. Your shots are amazing! Lovely family.


That is a very beautiful area. It really is the perfect backdrop for any kind of session I think. Nature always makes the best background.

These photos are incredible! I wish we lived near that location. The trees are dreamy!

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