Filoli Historic House & Garden Engagement Session

This engagement session at Filoli Historic House and Garden was so incredible. Filoli is one of the most beautiful spots to shoot at in the Bay Area, it’s located in Woodside and is definitely worth the drive if you live within an hour of it. The grounds and gardens are huge which means there are so many little spots to explore at take photos at even if it’s busy. It’s beautiful year round, even in the winter, making it a perfect spot for your photos.

Filoli is great for a family or couples session and of course the weddings here are incredible. There is a small fee to get in but it’s pretty minimal especially compared to other venues that require a fee. This shoot was featured on The White Wren so you can see more of it here: Filoli Engagement Shoot 

These were shot on some of my last rolls of Fuji 400h and even though I love Portra, I’ll certainly miss shooting with Fuji. Here are Teresa and Edward on a warm summer evening at Filoli with some beautiful California light…


The place is definitely very nice to capture good images. ANd all the images are looking so lovey dovey.


The place has a roman look. The grden is so green and BEAUTIFUL.

AAaawwwwww….this is ssssoooo pretty! Very intimate, too. And the location is quite isolated. I love every bit of it.

What a pretty site they did pictures at. Congratulations to the happy couple.

Thena Franssen

Cute pictures! I love a good photo shoot that captures the love perfectly just as you did.

Alita Pacio

The place is perfect for me. I cannot ask for more if I’d be shooting for my engagement here

So beautiful! Amazing pictures and the Venue is looking so, so good. Loved it! Thanks for sharing!


That is a fantastic setting for engagement pictures. They turned out really nice.

Wow! what a stunning location and photoshoot. I’m sure they were incredibly happy with the results.

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