Onomichi Cherry Blossoms

It’s been two years since Josh and I took a trip from Iwakuni out to Onomichi during cherry blossom season and did this amazing shoot together. Now that we’ve left Japan I’m reminiscing on the springs we spent there and I’m so grateful that we did this session. I’ve only shared a few images on Instagram over the years so I wanted to share more of them and give a little life update. 

Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Japan is the first and only place we lived together where we got to experience 4 seasons. Growing up in the Bay Area in California we pretty much have two seasons – summer and a mild winter. Japan is different. I doubt I will ever experience a summer so hot and humid as the ones in Japan but I also know I probably won’t see a spring as beautiful either. The harshness of the peak of summer and winter make spring and fall feel so incredible and they are the most beautiful and awe inspiring times in Japan. 

Cherry blossoms typically bloom in late March but they don’t last long – you get a couple weeks with them before they are gone. During cherry blossom season everyone picnics under the blossoms for those couple weeks, eating and drinking and appreciating their fleeting beauty. 

Onomichi, Kosanji Temple & Senkoji Park 

Onomichi is a couple hours away from where we lived in Iwakuni but it has some incredible spots for photos. I found Kosanji Temple soon after we moved to Japan and we visited a few times. It’s a beautiful temple that also has a marble garden on the hilltop. You can read more about our first trip to Kosanji Temple. The marble was brought in from Italy and it is such a unique spot to visit and shoot at. After that we went to Senkoji Park which is a beautiful park to visit during cherry blossoms. Here are all the pictures from our session with Jacob of Brumley & Wells…

Pictures: Brumley and Wells / Dresses: Marchesa Notte and Ramy Brook / Kosanji Temple and Marble Garden / Senkoji Temple and Park 


OMG! The photos looks so divine! i love cherry blossoms and i hope to see them soon in japan!


Your post made me miss japan so much.. i cant wait to visit again during this cherry blossom times 🙂

These shots are so dreamy, I love japan so much and the cherry blossoms are so gorgeous. i hope to eventually get cute blossom photos with my partner and i

Japan is really great for romantic photo sessions like this one. Nice soft colors and attractive couple in arms of nature.

I have always wanted to take cherry blossom photos. That’s so gorgeous and i’m glad you had a chance for it.

You two took the most amazing photos! I love the romance and the tenderness in these shots.

These shots really capture the feel of a couple in love. I love the vibe and setting of all of them.

WOW! Stunning Photos! I Had no idea japan was so beautiful! Bucket list!

Those shots are absolutely gorgeous! I love Japan so much. I’ve been there with my family a few times, and these shots really capture what makes it so wonderful.

The photos are stunning. What a fun adventure to be able to be in japan for a while. I am a norcal native and i loved having basically just 2 seasons of weatHer.

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