OMG! The photos looks so divine! i love cherry blossoms and i hope to see them soon in japan!


Your post made me miss japan so much.. i cant wait to visit again during this cherry blossom times ­čÖé

These shots are so dreamy, I love japan so much and the cherry blossoms are so gorgeous. i hope to eventually get cute blossom photos with my partner and i

Japan is really great for romantic photo sessions like this one. Nice soft colors and attractive couple in arms of nature.

I have always wanted to take cherry blossom photos. That’s so gorgeous and i’m glad you had a chance for it.

You two took the most amazing photos! I love the romance and the tenderness in these shots.

These shots really capture the feel of a couple in love. I love the vibe and setting of all of them.

WOW! Stunning Photos! I Had no idea japan was so beautiful! Bucket list!

Those shots are absolutely gorgeous! I love Japan so much. I’ve been there with my family a few times, and these shots really capture what makes it so wonderful.

The photos are stunning. What a fun adventure to be able to be in japan for a while. I am a norcal native and i loved having basically just 2 seasons of weatHer.

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